frank c. hall

Frank C. Hall, Superintendent of Asheville City Parks


The horse that kicked me nearly into Death
and into one-sided deafness probably did not care.
These things happen and a reasonable man
takes them as they come. I decorated
our house at Christmas: reindeer clipped from tin
and the paper wrote them up, 'Bigger than life-size!'
From that and winning gardening shows I worked
for years as Superintendent, City Parks.
This added pleasure and years of working outside
to my life, already fine from pretty Julia's love.
I never thought it helped to kick a lot.

from Oak and Mimosa by Alan Reynolds

18 February 1999:
Alan Reynolds: "Tom, what are some things you remember about Uncle Frank?"
Tom Reynolds: "Uncle Frank was a good man. He had guts.
He was a good husband to Aunt Julia, a good brother to his siblings, a good father to Bill.
A good uncle to you and to me and to all Aunt Julia's nieces & nephews.
He was funny. He knew how to make things grow.
He was talented in many ways: landscaping, masonry, carpentry.
He had a great sense of humor. Dogs liked him—his own did, anyhow.
Seems as if Friskey always barked at him.
His signature was one of the all-time best.
I thought it was funny when The Asheville Zoo bought a pair of donkeys
and Uncle Frank named them Gus & Gussie for Gus Matthews, the zoo mgr.
& Augusta Barnette, co-superintendent of parks & rec. with Uncle Frank.
Mr. Matthews & Miss Barnette didn't see the humor.
Mother liked him and I think she could size up people pretty well."

Frank Hall and Irene Hall's parents were Samuel D. Hall and Lillie A. Cowan Hall