william doak woods

William Doak Woods

William D.

Being wounded in The War did not lessen my thirsting for peace.
Emeline and I, and those of our ten children who were sentient,
all but the baby who died on his first earthly day,
prayed for and worked for peace, and worked to rebuild.
We rebuilt the home site, the house, and the outbuildings where
earlier herds of the county's best cattle had lowed
in the cool of the hot summer evenings, and frogs had heard
and responded, until down by the pond a chorus
was raised to glorify the workings of the Lord.
Our thirst not abated, we worked until dark, and from dawn.
In my sixty-six years I was never despairing or afraid.

from Oak and Mimosa by Alan Reynolds

William Doak Woods was born November 16, 1835 in Orange County, North Carolina. He was wounded in 1864 in the War Between The States (Civil War).  On February 3, 1864 when William Doak was 28, he married Emeline Kelista Hall. They had the following children:

i. Joseph Doak (1864-1868)
ii. Mary Faucett (Mamie) (1867-1938)
iii. Pattie Allison (1869-1939)
iv. Lula Ann (1871-1966)
v. Nannie Elizabeth (1874-1968)
vi. Emma Currie (1876-1974)
vii. John Robert (1878-1899)
viii. Charles (Charlie) Nelson (1881-1973)
ix. Cora Lee (1883-1985)
x. "our baby" (1886-1886)

William Doak Woods died in Hillsboro, Orange County, North Carolina on February 26, 1902; he was 66.