nannie elizabeth woods reynolds

A.C. Reynolds and Nannie Woods Reynolds in their 70's, at The Farm

Nannie Elizabeth

When we took Alan to my brother's, he was fascinated,
Alan was, with the pond at night and its bullfrogs
and how my nephews, armed with torches and gigs,
would harvest 'bulls' for breakfast. Alan thought
they were 'delicious scary', fried and served up hot.
I never knew for sure whether I still missed
the foothills where my family continued to live,
on the fields my parents' parents had tamed to the plough,
where now my siblings coaxed livings from dark loam.
Long before Alan, my husband and I would camp
with our children on that mountain a pony cart helped us ascend.

from Oak and Mimosa by Alan Reynolds

Born on May 20, 1874 near Hillsboro, North Carolina, Nannie graduated from Peabody College. When she was 25 she married Alonzo Carlton Reynolds on August 11, 1899 in Hillsboro, North Carolina. "She and he were both teachers, and following their marriage, she worked with him. When he became the president of a new college in Jackson County, Cullowhee Normal and Industrial School, now known as Western Carolina University, she took charge of the girls dormitory, bought supplies for the kitchen, planned the meals, entertained important visitors, and brought up a family of nine children." (from Alonzo Carlton Reynolds by Elizabeth Gray Parker). They had the following children:

i. Mary Woods (1900-1966)
ii. Sallie Emeline (1903-1949)
iii. Alonzo Carlton (1905-1906)
iv. Ruth Ferguson (1907-1996)
v. Elizabeth Wilhelm (Lib) (1909-2001)
vi. Margaret Cornelia (1911-1915)
vii. Alphonzo Curry (Al) (1914-1945)
viii. Evelyn Katherine (Ev) (1916-1975)
ix. Thomas Davies (1919-1997)

Nannie died when she was 93, in Arden, North Carolina in the home of her daughter Ruth, on April 15, 1968; she was was buried in Green Hills Cemetery, Asheville, North Carolina.