tributes to thomas davies reynolds from his two great-nephews

e-mail from dirk reynolds to alan reynolds, june 9, 1997


Very sorry to hear of the passing of Uncle Tom. I have, as I am sure you do too, very fond memories of him, especially when he and I went surveying when I was 16 and visiting Grandmother for the summer.I hope you get to go and see his (your) family sometime soon to indeed remember his life as a celebration and a life well-lived.

much love, Dirk

e-mail from kley reynolds to alan reynolds, june 9, 1997

I remember Uncle Tom as being a caring considerate happy man.I had fun up at the house (shack) on the mountain we stayed at with him, and fishing with him there. Every time I was in Asheville he always took time to go do something with me, not just see me but involve me in an activity.I also knew in what esteem you held him, that he was a man to listen to and one of honor.Please send my condolences to Aunt Lilian or if you think it would be better I can send her them personally.Hope you are well and book that trip to Asheville soon to celebrate Uncle Tom.

Love, Kley