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"I found it nearly impossible to characterize Sometimes in Balance. Like a complex wine, whose blend of many fleeting perfumes and tastes leaves an unforgettable experience, I found in these poems glimpses of a poetic kinship with Edgar A. Robinson, with Auden, with Anthony Hecht, with Poe. And the list could go on.

Alan Reynolds’ work is the closest approach to poetic shape-shifting as I have encountered. Introspect, humor, prophecy, surgically-precise exposition of motives and manners — all combine here in a delightful, enduring and scintillating presentation.

The book may be read at any starting point, or methodically from front to back. But whatever you do, read it and enjoy."

Jerry H. Jenkins.

ISBN: 978-9-0811-5821-3
Language: English
248 pages, 6" x 9", jacket-hardcover binding,
black and white interior ink

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