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"Dr. Clyde L. Colson, '21-'27L of Morgantown, W. Va., dean of the law school at West Virginia University and former member of the law faculty at Emory, died Oct. 29. He was assistant professor of law at Emory from 1929 to 1935, when he left to become associate professor of law at WVU. During his more than 30 years there, he served as dean and professor of the College of Law and twice served as acting president of the university. Dr. Colson was a member of the American Law Institute and the West Virginia Bar Association, served as legal adviser to many state administrations and was a frequent contributor of article in law periodicals. He received the LL. B. degree, cum laude, from Harvard university in 1929 and the S. J. D. degree there in 1934. He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Tau Delta and Phi Delta Phi fraternities."

from photocopy of newspaper article which—noting that Clyde's, William's and Paula's degrees are all mentioned—is probably from Emory University.

The former College of Law Building on the Downtown Campus of West Virginia University which is located in Morgantown, West Virginia was named Colson Hall in his honor in 1977. He joined the law faculty in 1935, was appointed dean of the College of Law in 1956, and twice served as acting president of WVU.

Clyde in college


I was a twin and when one of us died
before our second birthday no one knew
which one of us survived. I had a clue
but without instruction, never sure,
I took advanced degrees enough for two
and mastered and doctored juridical science for years.
Returning every two summers from the Law School
I was Dean of and the University that I served
twice as President Pro Tem, I slept for days
at my father's or one of my sisters', and asked myself
each waking when I went downstairs, "I'm home?"

from Oak and Mimosa by Alan Reynolds