sarah ann (sally) ferguson reynolds

John Haskew Reynolds and Sarah Ann (Sally) Ferguson Reynolds

Sally F.

Some things, sometimes the older ones, do not get lost.
Annie Laurie, eponymous song of my grandma, six generations
back, is still sung in the Highlands
where she lived in that big house, they say.
I learned the title and nearly half the words,
remembered Grandpa Robin telling stories
about the revolution's celebrations
he relived each time the frosts came, then—softly—
he'd hum the Annie Laurie tune—the same
as I would later, polishing the silver spoon
my husband's grandfather made when 'our side' won.

from Oak and Mimosa by Alan Reynolds

Born on February 24, 1840, when Sally was 20 she married John Haskew Reynolds on February 13, 1861. They had the following children:

i. Joanna (1861-1917)
ii. Alady Pumroy (Allie) (1864-1939)
iii. Eleura Idaly (1867-1956)
iv. Mary Cornelia (1869-1958)
v. Alonzo Carlton (1870-1953)
vi. Thomas Frazier (1872-1927)
vii. Joseph Letcher (1879-1941)

Sally died on April 10, 1892 at age 52 and was buried in Sandy Mush, North Carolina.