click this logo to return to site home page'As a Woman Thinketh' by Paula Williford Colson (1877-1927)
As a homage to this lady here are her own writings as an iPaper booklet you can read turning pages just like a paper book. Reads best if you choose full screen – that's the right-top icon on the iPaper panel. *

* If iPaper is new to you here are more tips on using it. The icons at the top of the panel on the left are controls for paging forward and back, making text larger and smaller, seeing all pages at once, and more. You can hover your mouse on a control to see a tool tip on what it does, or of course just try it out.
An especially nice book-like feature works after you click your mouse once anywhere in the panel. After that you can use your keyboard's PageUp and PageDown buttons (or the spacebar) to turn pages.
You can read about the SCRIBD product iPaper itself (and use it for your own documents) at